Track List

Kill The Balloons

Chapter 1: Everyone Knows Everyone––The Helio Sequence

Chapter 2: Daylight––Aesop Rock

Chapter 3: It's Too Late––Asobi Seksu

Chapter 4: June––Pete Yorn

Chapter 5: Looks Just Like the Sun––Broken Social Scene

Chapter 7: The Moon––The Microphones

Chapter 10: Gulf Shores––Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Chapter 15: Get ’em high––Kanye West

Chapter 18: The Reputation of Ross Francis––My Latest Novel

Chapter 20: Rebellion (Lies)––Arcade Fire

Chapter 23: Strict Machine––Goldfrapp

Chapter 24: Modern Times––The Go Find

Chapter 25: NY Excuse––Soulwax

Chapter 27: Hey Boy––The Blow

Chapter 28: Dirty Harry––Gorillaz

Chapter 29: The Dress Looks Nice on You––Sufjan Stevens

Chapter 30: Slow Hands––Interpol

Chapter 32: Tribulations––LCD Soundsystem

Chapter 35: Long Distance––Turin Brakes

Chapter 37: The National Anthem––Radiohead

Chapter 39, 40, 41: House of Jealous Lovers––The Rapture

Chapter 42: This Fire––Franz Ferdinand

Chapter 43: Dusty––Kings Of Leon

Chapter 43: High Life––Daft Punk

Chapter 47: Farewell Transmission––Songs: Ohia


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